Planning a 3D Project


Planning a 3D Project

Come to our store or any partner store, with approximate dimensions of your room! Nothing easier! You can bring the project of your house or apartment or you can do the measurements yourself. Once arrived, the designers will welcome you and show you our kitchen collections. The next step is making a 3D project using our specialized design software and automatically generate an approximate price for your cabinets. The whole process will take less than an hour!

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Design all the details


Design all the details

If you are delighted with the services and solutions we offer for your home, and the approximate price automatically generated by our software is convenient for you, we can continue by establishing exactly the colors, model and details of your kitchen. Our team will present you the Showroom, Kitchen Collections, interior and exterior accessories, handles and appliances that you can add to your kitchen.

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Room Measurements


Room Measurements

The next step is to schedule a meeting with our designer, through which he will pay a visit to your home to measure exactly your dining room. This stage is very important because it reduces the number of errors that may occure by inaccurate measurements or omission of elements such as electrical outlets, tubes, windows, etc. Your furniture will fit perfectly! Also at this stage, our designers will adjust, if necessary, your kitchen plan. We invite you to return to our store as many times as you want, to review and discuss together any changes you want to make to the 3D design.

Examples of other Projects
Kitchen Assembly


Kitchen Assembly

The last step is the actual assembly of the kitchen! Yes! The kitchen will be assembled by our specialized team, free of charge! You will set the assembly date together with our designers so that it fits your schedule. This step can take around a few hours, depending on the size and number of cabinets. Any issue that may appear can be discussed with our staff at any time during the assembly!

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Usefull Information
Price Flexibility

You are the one who shapes the price of the kitchen like a Lego. Choose the features you need and create a price that benefits you.

Free room measurements

Our designers will accurately measure your kitchen room and will analyze all the details. Everything for free.

High quality standards

Each project is checked by at least 3 specialists: technician, art designer and designer, who takes accurate measurements of your room.

Free Kitchen Assembly

The assembly and adjustment of the kitchen furniture in your house will be done by our specialized team, on a date chosen on one consent by you and the lucky man team.

Awesome Solutions

We create for you a unique kitchen design, with solutions for all the challenges of your space, managing to maximize the utility of even very small spaces.

Free support during the process

We greet you with a warm smile and we stand by you for all the questions you have or the changes you want to make to the design.